What are the dimensions of the gym?
Large size
KX Series

Heat Pump
Up to 22 Indoor Units can be connected, for up to 150% of their capacity.

Heat Recovery
Up to 80 Indoor Units can be connected to the Outdoor Unit of highest capacity. The choice of Indoor Units is available within a range of 16 different types – exposed or recessed – in different capacities, for a total of 91 possibilities.

What are the needs for your business?

Heating & Cooling

Heating, Cooling and Hot Water

Hot Water


Dehumidifying & Air Treatment


Pool Heating

Choose the design of the Indoor Units best suited to your gym
The low height makes it suitable for installation even in particularly narrow ceilings.
Ultra compact Models for false ceiling mounting.
Maximum compactness, easy installation and maintenance
Floor type air conditioner to heat and cool in a wide and uniform way.
Air distribution and air quality in a combination of technology and elegant lines.
Ultra-thin design, easy installation. Wide airflow, ideal for very large environments.