Product Line

Cutting-edge technologies, superior quality, excellent performance and low environmental impact have always distinguished Mitsubishi Heavy Industries products.

A complete offer for every need for air conditioning, heating and hot water production.

Different lines of monosplit and multisplit Units, able to satisfy the most specific needs in every type of residential context.
A series of solutions conceived and designed specifically for small or medium-sized commercial spaces.
Products for the production of DHW from renewable energy sources, using the most efficient technologies from the point of view of energy consumption.
Micro or Macro High Performance Systems to guarantee every possible realization in all application areas.
The exclusive range of Mitsubishi hydronic pumps for heating, air conditioning and DHW production in the residential and commercial sector.


In this area the solutions we are able to offer for every type of environment are collected.

Choose the application that represents you the most and discover the products suitable for your needs.

One Room
Cooling and heating one space at a time: among the many types of product, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
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Whole Home
Warm, fresh, DHW production: all the air-conditioning options for several rooms in your home.
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Flat Complex
The ideal products for air conditioning and DHW production, for multi-family buildings.
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Solutions for air conditioning and domestic hot water production with low management costs.
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Flexible management of housing units and attention to the consumption of air conditioning and DHW production.
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From the single office to the Management Centre, our range to work for the best.
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Design and comfortable climate in the lines designed for business.
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Our proposals for spaces with balanced humidity levels, heating, cooling and use of large volumes of DHW.
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Production of hot water in CO2 and minimization of energy costs, thanks to our high efficiency heat pumps.
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Heat pump water heaters for small and large indoor and outdoor pools.
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Shopping Center
Air conditioning systems able to guarantee efficiency and energy savings, ideal climate in galleries and common areas, in summer and in winter.
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Industrial Spaces
Complete solutions for air conditioning of industrial and production buildings of large size. Low energy consumption and respect for the environment.
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