Mitsubishi Heavy Industries B2B solutions: air-air, air-water and DHW heat pump

MHI offers the widest choice of heating, cooling and DHW solutions, suitable for every ambient and preference. Discover them by selecting a type of structure.


Solutions for air conditioning and domestic hot water production with low management costs.

Flat complex

The ideal products for air conditioning and DHW production, for multi-family buildings.


From the single office to the Management Centre, our range to work for the best.


Design and comfortable climate in the lines designed for business.


Our proposals for spaces with balanced humidity levels, heating, cooling and use of large volumes of DHW.


Production of hot water in CO2 and minimization of energy costs, thanks to our high efficiency heat pumps.


Heat pump water heaters for small and large indoor and outdoor pools.

Industrial spaces

Complete solutions for air conditioning of industrial and production buildings of large size. Low energy consumption and respect for the environment.

Shopping center

Air conditioning systems able to guarantee efficiency and energy savings, ideal climate in galleries and common areas, in summer and in winter.

Choose the most suitable product for your commercial activity

Distribuzione e qualità dell’aria in un connubio di tecnologia e linee eleganti.

Modelli ultra compatti per incasso in controsoffitto.

Design ultra-sottile, installazione semplice. Flusso d’aria ampio, Ideale per ambienti molto grandi.

L’altezza contenuta rende idonea l’installazione anche in controsoffitti particolarmente angusti.