Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Systems for your apartment building: operating flexibility, high energy efficiency and easy installation.

KXZ series for medium and large condominiums

The KXZM heat pump system with VRF-T technology
VRF-T technology allows energy savings of up to 34% in cooling.
Up to 24 connectable indoor units.

KXZ2 in heat pump, the new generation of VRF MHI
The best solution for conditioning “sophisticated” buildings.
High air conditioning performance for all commercial applications.
Comfort and energy efficiency, application flexibility, intuitive and customizable controls, maintenance and management made even easier.

Up to 80 connectable indoor units

The KXZR2 heat recovery system
The new KXZR2 has a new design and shape.
With a single outdoor unit it is possible to simultaneously supply heating or cooling to several indoor units thanks to the 3-pipe system.

Heating and cooling with air-air heat pump

Heating and cooling with air-air/air-water heat pump + hot water

Hot water in heat pump

Choose the most suitable design for the condominium environments

Ultra compact Models for false ceiling mounting.

The low height makes it suitable for installation even in particularly narrow ceilings.

Ultra-thin design, easy installation. Wide airflow, ideal for very large environments.

Air distribution and air quality in a combination of technology and elegant lines.

Floor type air conditioner to heat and cool in a wide and uniform way.