Q-ton heating | ESA30EH2-25


Domestic hot water, Heat pump air to water


Outdoor units


B&B/Hotel, Fitness gym, Flat complex, Industrial spaces, Shopping center, Spa

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For heating and high temperature domestic hot water production, respecting the environment with the refrigerant with a very low GWP value.

UP TO 90 ° C

Q-ton can produce domestic hot water up to 90° C in the presence of external temperatures down to -25° C.

Q-ton features


DHW production temperature

17000 L

DHW production mixed at 45°C per day


CO2 refrigerant at GWP = 1


Minimum outdoor temperature for operation

The most efficient system on the market

The need to have a single generator that meets the energy needs of one’s homes and which produces the least possible impact on the environment is increasingly evident.

Q-ton is the MHI heat pump developed for professionals who want to create systems with strong use of renewable energy, with great comfort and reduced management costs.

This system can be applied in residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Examples of Q-ton application

Q-ton can be applied in large apartment buildings, newly built apartment buildings, existing apartment buildings, small apartment buildings and public and private office buildings.

Q-ton performance


Can produce up to 17,000 litres/day of mixed DHW at 45° C or at 90° C without mixing


Keeps nominal output down to -7° C

COP 4.3

The industry’s highest energy efficiency coefficient in DHW production


Q-ton is modular up to 16 units

DHW mode operation

The Q-ton heat pump absorbs “free” heat from the outside air and amplifies it to quickly and efficiently generate hot water, up to 90° C without any need for an additional heating element.
Q-ton reduces operating costs and carbon emissions by 40 to 75% compared to conventional systems. It is suitable for installation in new buildings and does not require a backup heating system. In existing buildings with conventional heating systems, it is applicable with the domestic hot water production function only.

Domestic hot water
Q-ton installation is ideal for replacing old heating systems such as boilers because it produces DHW according to the actual capacity required by the user.

RC-Q1EH2 LCD touch panel functions

  • Easy to use LCD panel with lit buttons. Wide 2.8-inch display. Backlighting.
  • Daily, weekly and annual programming can be set
  • The tank can always be manually filled
  • Possibility of setting a DHW production schedule based on peak demand
  • The system automatically adapts to standard time for easy programming
  • Customizable climate curve

M-Access RM-CGW-E1 interface

Management interface via M-ACCESS: this is a remote monitoring system for MHI products that adopts Cloud-type Gateway equipment and which allows centralized management of air conditioning and DHW production systems from multiple remote locations using the Internet of Things (IoT).
You can easily monitor and manage the status of external and internal drives via the Internet using, for example, a PC or tablet.

16 units controlled by a single command

Up to 480 kW of capacity, connecting 16 units, each of them 30 kW. In this way, it is possible to produce a quantity of hot water to meet all needs.
If all units are working in the same mode, control can take place through a single command.

Depending on the applications and the installation needs, a 30 kW module can produce 17,000 litres of DHW per day.