Cool and heat multiple rooms with a single multi-split outdoor unit

Wide range of different sizes that allow you to air-condition up to 5 rooms. MHI multisplit solutions are ideal for saving outdoor space because the outdoor units are highly compact. They can be installed on the balcony, on the wall and on the roof.

The highest performance values on the market

MHI solutions combine compactness with high energy performance. They reach class A+++ in cooling and class A++ in heating. MHI energy efficiency allows outdoor units to access government incentives.

Choose the most suitable heat pump solution for whole home

Heating and cooling with air-air heat pump

Heating and cooling with air-air/air-water heat pump + hot water

Hot water in heat pump

Heat pump heating for swimming pools

Choose the design of the indoor units that best suits your rooms

Air distribution and air quality in a combination of technology and elegant lines.

Floor type air conditioner to heat and cool in a wide and uniform way.

The low height makes it suitable for installation even in particularly narrow ceilings.

Ultra compact models for false ceiling mounting.

Heat pump air conditioner without outdoor unit, ideal for city centers.