WARM COIL – Fan coil DC Inverter

Ventilradiatore fan coil con effetto radiante


Indoor unit


Cooling, heating and DHW, Hydronic terminals


B&B/Hotel, Fitness gym, Flat complex, Industrial spaces, Office, Shopping center, Spa, Store, Whole house

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Warm in winter, cool in summer:
WARM COIL ensures the most comfort in all seasons

WARM COIL is an exclusive design, elegant cooler-radiator that transmits heat both through both forced convection and radiant effect. These features together with its extreme silence and compactness (only 13 cm deep) make it a unique terminal of its kind, capable of being added with minimal impact in any environment. The efficient, silence permanent magnet DC fan lets the WARM COIL heat and cool environments quickly and comfortably.
Fan control is entrusted to a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) modulation system. This control eliminates the typical vibrations and noise of an on/off fan, reduces consumption by 30 to 50% and allows for a wide range of speed variations (from 10% to 100%). The radiant effect is obtained thanks to two front micro fans, also DC Inverter with PWM control, which transmit heat from the exchanger toward the front metal plate. This heating mode is comparable to classic radiators with resulting advantages in quietness and the absence of air movement. Ideal for Class A buildings.

Very low consumption, maximum silence micro-fans: send hot air coming from the heat exchanger toward the front panel, efficiently heating it.
Supplies heating power without the main fan being on.
Maintains a comfortable temperature without particular air movement.
Summer operation: micro-fan off to prevent the formation of dew on the front surface.

Installation flexibility

  • TFLIM 200~1000 W-SN-3 fan coil unit with left connection.
  • TFLIM 200~1000 W-DN-3 fan coil unit with right connection.

Main features

  • 2-pipe fan coil
  • Front radiant effect (high static thermal yield)
  • Extremely silent
  • Ultra compact
  • Elegant design
  • Sophisticated temperature regulation system: excellent thermal comfort in all seasons
  • Reaches the ambient set point temperature and maintains it with extreme precision
  • Accentuated natural convection effect: minimises ventilation intervention
  • Extraordinarily reduced depth: can be integrated into any type of environment for all furnishing needs
  • DC Inverter technology
  • High efficiency permanent magnet motors
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation): eliminates vibrations and noise, reduces consumption by 30 to 50%
  • Wide range of fan speed variation (10% to 100%)

Improved room comfort

  • Once reached, the ideal comfort temperature is maintained without the aid of the main fan and therefore in absolute silence.
  • Gradual fan shut-down with modulating control based on how close the temperature is to that set in the room.


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