Flow divider – KXZR2 3 PIPE

PFD 1124-E, PFD 1804-E, PFD 2804-E, PFD 1124X4-E


Air treatment units, Cooling and heating, Heat Recovery


B&B/Hotel, Fitness gym, Industrial spaces, Shopping center, Spa

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Designed and manufactured at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries specialist research laboratories, the PFD flow divider now enables all indoor units to be integrated into an air conditioning network, to switch from cooling mode to heating mode, or vice versa, while the whole system remains operational, thus preventing costly power on and power off cycles. In case of conversion from cooling mode to heating mode and vice versa, by simply combining the indoor unit and the PFD box, the sound level is reduced, thanks to the shutdown of the compressor which, however, does not lead to any reduction in capacity. The risk of refrigerant leaks is reduced by changing the welding method between the refrigerant piping and the PFD box.
By using the optional extension cable for the PFD box, equipped with a connector, it is possible to further separate the PFD box from the indoor unit. This enables a reduction in sound level caused by the PDF box and the flow of refrigerant.