SINGLE HT – Air-water heat pump

SINGLE HT – Air-water heat pump

TCWNGS 801-1001 X; TCWSGS 1201-1401 X

Outdoor unit


Cooling, Heating and domestic hotwater

Heating Systems:

Water-air chiller

Monobloc full DC Inverter with built-in hydronic module
Hot delivery water up to 61°C without electrical integration


Heating – Cooling – Domestic hot water

SINGLE HT by Termal makes it possible to have hot water and air-condition all rooms, powering low-temperature hydronic radiant floor terminals and medium temperature such as fan coils and high efficiency radiators. What’s more, SINGLE HT allows for integration with a thermal solar system for increased efficiency and savings. SINGLE HT lets you have hot water up to 61°C thanks to the dual stage rotary compressor with steam injection, the only dual stage unit present on the market at low temperature and
high temperature. Compared to traditional compressors, the dual stage ensures: high energy efficiency, maximum reliability and excellent refrigerant flow regulation.

Main features

  • FDC Inverter control
  • Dual stage compressor
  • WILO variable speed electronic circulator
  • Stainless steel ALFA LAVAL plate heat exchanger
  • Built-in frost protection system
  • LCD remote control interface
  • Wide range of programming and user settings
  • Problem self-diagnosis system
  • Silent mode
  • Possibility of remote ON/OFF consent from multiple room thermostats
  • Screed drying cycles

Operating range

    Outside air temperature from 10°C to 48°C
    Water temperature from 7°C to 25°C
    Outside air temperature from – 20°C to 45°C
    Water temperature from 40° to 61° (80° C with electric heater).
    Outside air temperature from – 20°C to 35°C
    Water temperature from 25°C to 61°C

technical specifications