FAN COIL – Hydronic terminals

FAN COIL – Hydronic terminals floor/ceiling


Thermal comfort for all seasons in a single device

Thermal FAN COIL terminals are cutting-edge products in terms of design, performance, quiet, consumption and functionality.
They are ideal for all environments that need to be air-conditioned, heating or cooling 365 days a year at all times. Their versatility and ability to maintain indoor comfort
make them products that can be installed both in homes and in other spaces such as offices, hotels, hospitals, airports, libraries, museums, archives, religious places of worship, warehouses and basements.

Main features

  • 5 power levels: 2.00~9.00 kW
  • Floor/ceiling model in double exposed and recessed versions
  • Extremely quiet: only 19 dB(A) for size 200
  • DC Brushless fan motor
  • Useful for ceiling and floor installations
  • Compact, elegant model with decorative feet (optional)
  • The grey louvres are manually adjustable on the exposed model, ensuring even diffusion of air inside the environment for optimal comfort.

The DC Brushless fan motor is the technological heart of the Termal FAN COIL range:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Economic savings
  • Significant reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional FAN COILS with AC motors
  • Reduced CO₂ emissions


technical specifications