DUAL HT – Air-water heat pump

DUAL HT – Air-water heat pump

TCEGS 952-1102 X; TCVGS 1202-1402 X; THNGS 952-1102 X; THSGS 1202-1402 X

Indoor unit, Outdoor unit


Cooling, Heating and domestic hotwater

Heating Systems:

Air-to-water heat pump

Split Full DC Inverter system for hydronic systems
Hot delivery water up to 61°C without electrical integration


Heating – Cooling – Domestic hot water

DUAL HT is the split version of the high-temperature air-water heat pump, consisting of an indoor unit (hydronic module) and an outdoor unit. DUAL HT is a single high energy efficiency product that guarantees comfort all year round, meeting cooling,
heating and domestic hot water production needs when combined with optional water storage. What’s more, DUAL HT allows for integration with a thermal solar system for increased efficiency and savings. The unit is equipped with a dual stage rotary compressor with steam injection, the only dual stage on the market in low
and high temperature for hot water up to 61°C. Compared to traditional compressors, the dual stage ensures: high energy efficiency, maximum reliability and excellent refrigerant flow regulation.



DUAL HT is equipped with high efficiency indoor components.
• Axial fans with DC Inverter motor allow for improved control over handled air flow, lower consumption and reduced sound emissions
• The electronic expansion valve optimally adjusts refrigerant flow in the circuit.
• The air side heat exchanger with internally corrugated copper pipes and aluminium louvres with increased surface


The hydraulic components are provided as standard in the hydronic module (indoor unit).
• High efficiency water side heat exchanger with AISI 316 stainless steel flat brazed plates, with high heat exchange efficiency in heating and freeze protection included
• Class A electronic circulator compliant with the new European ErP directive
• 10 litre expansion vessel to stabilise system pressure
• Vent valve, safety valve, and water flow meter and pressure gauge
• Supplementary electric heaters with function of: auxiliary heat source (intervention on the basis of supply water temperature) and emergency, in the case of non-functioning outdoor unit

Operating range

    Outside air temperature from 10°C to 48°C
    Water temperature from 7°C to 25°C
    Outside air temperature from – 20°C to 45°C
    Water temperature from 40° to 61° (80° C with electric heater)
    Outside air temperature from – 20°C to 35°C
    Water temperature from 25°C to 61°C

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