New HYDROLUTION Modular System MHI – 2019


Nuovo HYDROLUTION Modular System MHI – 2019

HYDROLUTION by MHI is the air-to-water heat pump which is able to produce heating, domestic hot water and cooling. The real innovation of the new release of the HYDROLUTION system is its modularity: basically the possibility of connecting several indoor units of the system, up to 128 kW of supplied power, makes HYDROLUTION able to be used in residential applications such as micro-condominiums, in which it is possible to delegate HYDROLUTION as the main system producing heating combined with domestic hot water. The modularity of the new HYDROLUTION system offers versatility and flexibility, to the workers of the hydro-thermo-sanitary area, combining energy efficiency, reduction of consumption and costs of management. Read all the features of the new modular HYDROLUTION system , and download here the new MHI Heating and ACS catalogue 2019.